It’s official: American Vintage, the French clothing brand, is making a new home in NoLita

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[Sponsored content] It’s official: American Vintage, the French clothing brand, is making a new home in Nolita!

Founded in 2005, American Vintage is the brainchild of Marseille native Michaël Azoulay. But don’t be misled by the brand’s name—American Vintage is a French label designed for a modern urban life.

American Vintage proposes an edited wardrobe of elevated basics inflected with vintage references, inspired by Michaël Azoulay’s trips to the United States in the early 2000’s.

The brand’s perennial pieces are at the intersection of Californian cool and South of France flair.

Style over fashion

With a seasonless approach to style, American Vintage believes in the power of letting its high-quality everyday staples speak for themselves.

On top of making a strong case for ignoring trends, the brand is also developing actions to forge a more sustainable model, working towards natural production methods that are both eco-friendly and fashion-forward.

OEKO-TEX certified (a label that guarantees the absence of chemicals in fabrics), American Vintage’s production is free from substances harmful to the body and the environment. The majority of each collection is imagined in plant-based fabrics and natural fibers. The brand is also fur-free.

Supporting young talents

Fifteen years after its launch, American Vintage is now much more than just a clothing line. It isn’t just known for its great t-shirts and fabrics, but also for the sense of community it fosters in the creative industries.
Now that it is becoming more of a lifestyle-driven brand, American Vintage nurtures a new generation of artists, photographers and designers through a myriad of different initiatives and partnerships, such as the Hyères Festival and the Toulon Design Parade.

NYC: American Vintage’s first flagship store in the US

Designed by the brand’s in-house architect Elsa Ascione, the boutique is American Vintage’s first-ever store in the US—a full-circle moment for Michaël Azoulay considering he first found the inspiration to launch American Vintage while road-tripping around America.

Located at 237 Elizabeth Street in Nolita, it showcases all of the brand’s womenswear and menswear cult-classics and accessory lines.

Much more than just a retail space, the 93 square foot store will include a living room, a workshop and exhibition hub, as well as a café. American Vintage’s New York store plans to function as a catalyst where local communities can come together and engage in meaningful conversation.

Discover more on American Vintage’s website, Instagram or Facebook pages.

American Vintage’s webshop does not ship to the United States yet. Except for the multi-brand stores already present in the US, the only way to get their pieces is to go to the New York store.

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