In Paris for the Holidays? Here’s a Free Gift from Galeries Lafayette

(Sponsored content) Have you ever spent the holidays in Paris? If you have, you know that it’s the best time of the year for shopping: browsing the city’s boutiques feels like a dream and entering the Paris Haussmann Galeries Lafayette flagship store leaves you speechless. Amazing pop-ups, celebrity collaborations, and a dazzling giant holiday tree: you can’t miss this quintessential French Christmas experience.

This holiday season, Galeries Lafayette is giving Frenchly readers an exclusive reward for all that time spent finding the perfect presents: savings and a free gift.

With this voucher, you can get a free Lexon Mini speaker when you spend 175€ or more. Just take the voucher and your receipt to the information desk to get your free gift and file for your 12% tax refund on your purchases (i.e., get 12% of your money back!).

If you’ve got bigger purchases in mind and end up spending 500€ or more (it’s easy to do), use this voucher to get a free bottle of Champagne. In addition to the 12% tax refund, you’ll also get VIP service for your refund and access to the Concierge lounge.

With brands ranging from haute-couture to affordable, plus books, Paris souvenirs, food items, home décor goods, and beauty products, spending 175€ at Galeries Lafayette happens in a snap, especially during the holiday season.

As a true Paris establishment, Galeries Lafayette doesn’t cut corners on the holiday celebrations. Decorated in an ever-changing theme, from the window displays to the interior decorations and the pastries you’ll snack on between purchases, no place in Paris is more festive.

This year, the store is being transformed into a fantasy-filled beehive! All that glitters is honey, the alcoves of the store are honeycombs and the famous art-deco dome has become a festive sky above the magnificent giant Christmas tree. The store is abuzz with activities as all the (worker) bees help to prepare for the sweetest Christmas ever, decking out the window displays on Boulevard Haussmann, selecting gifts and decorating the tree.

To best enjoy the shopping and holiday tidings, just print or take a screenshot of the 175€ voucher or the 500€ voucher above and present it to the Galeries Lafayette concierge.

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