Grandma Sweaters Are the Latest Trend from the Parisian Streets

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Paris always knowns what’s up next in fashion. While style influencer Jeanne Damas has been sporting old-school fashion ever since she has appeared on the scene, this season has seen an unprecedented amount of mamie-sweaters, also called maille in French. We’re going to call them grandma sweaters because either your grandma could have knitted one or she would have worn one at least half a decade ago. And now you will too!

These pieces are usually quite well fitted; no such thing as oversized but they can differ in fit because of the stitch or yarn. Sweaters may also be a bit cropped (reminder that all pants used to be high-waisted fifty years ago), sport puffy shoulders, or frilly sleeves. These are colorful statements easily paired with a pair of jeans, any skirt, or even over a fitted dress for maximum effect. It only helps that vintage stores are overloaded with them and you can get a few for just several euros at KiliWatch or dollars at Goodwill.

We’ve taken an Internet dive into mamie sweaters, how to wear them, and where to get them today.

Dainty button-down sweaters

If unbuttoned we sometimes call these cardigans, but this season remember that if your sweater has buttons, keep them shut. One more thing to keep in mind: these sweaters are usually quite light and may not keep you very warm, but have fun styling your look anyway. (Options are available at Rouje, Madewell, ASOS, and your local vintage shop.) 

Flirty open-back sweaters

For those winter nights out when you still want to be warm, opt for a flirty piece. These could be Sézane’s tie-back sweaters or simply a little slightly transparent option with a peek at a fancy undergarment. (Options available at Sézane and Etsy.) 

Vintage-style knit

You may be able to find this one in grandma’s closet, or just ask her to make you one. These designs would originally be published in women’s magazines, whose readers would knit the design to have their own unique sweater. Camée Léone, a vintage-hunter store in Paris, has some of the best romantic options and they ship stateside. (Available at Camée Léone, Etsy, and Nordstrom.)

1950’s cable-knit

Imagine a beautiful 1950’s magazine and half of the models probably look like the one above in the autumn and winter issues. Models including Bella Hadid have been seen sporting the French label Musier Paris and so if she approves of it, so do we. (Available at Musier Paris, LL Bean, and Macy’s. ) 

All-about-the-frill Sweater

Traditional femininity seems to be back in style so go overboard with frills and accessories to look like a petite bourgeoise. This time it is not demeaning, but instead quite cute and endearing. (Available at Anthropologie, ASOS, and Free People.) 

Ski fashion

This one must be ski-appropriate, but not necessarily used in that manner. Ski sweater with tags, logos, and Norwegian design are all the rave, and props to you if you’ve got a vintage one from the commode. (Available at Madewell, & Other Stories, FRAME, and others.) 

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