Fitness and Virtual Reality: New company Fun Workout sets out to a Leader in the American VR Fitness market with a unique concept

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[Sponsored content] In the world of virtual reality, Fun Workout has established an exclusive partnership in the USA with the world leader in VR Fitness, Icaros. Their primary objective is developing the VR Fitness industry in the United States by bringing together fitness fans and gaming fans. With the ever changing social climate of the future, Fun Workout sees these two individual areas as the future of social interactions.

For Emilie Lemoine, the General Manager of Fun Workout, “The future of VR Fitness, and fitness in general, is offering a product with the highest efficiency, adapted to the American consumer. This is done with realistic imagery and intuitive manual interaction.”

Fun Workout is a company specializing in virtual reality with the objective of becoming a leader in VR Fitness in the United States. It offers VR Fitness products for individuals and professionals on their e-commerce store, and their first showroom recently opened in the greater Atlanta area. It’s first partner, Icaros, is the leading developer of high performance VR Fitness technology, which gives people the opportunity to experience new worlds and new sensations.

“Our Atlanta showroom allows those new to this area of fitness the opportunity to experience new types of exercise which have not been made available until now. New products are constantly being developped in the world of VR and VR fitness,” states Emilie Lemoine.

The 21st century home gym has recently exploded and combines exercises focused on health and the fun of gaming: you fly over snow-capped mountains, you can compete with virtual opponents in exciting races, or eliminate enemy drones. This is ideal for those who find traditional fitness equipment too boring.

Gone are the days when gaming meant physical inactivity. VR technology will allow you to exercise while you game.

Among the featured products of Fun Workout, 2 devices were revealed at CES in Las Vegas 2020. These are the Icaros Home, which offers a complete system with an innovative gyroscopic design, and the Icaros Cloud, which is the latest inflatable and digitally connected training device. Icaros products have won many awards for their innovative technology integrated with their fitness equipment.

The innovative setup of these two devices requires one to use their core strength to control the movements of the machine and the game itself.

The player remains in a Plank position while using the Icaros Home, while the Icaros Cloud is based off of the Bear/Hover position.

Icaros Home and Icaros Cloud are specially designed for those looking for an efficient and effective workout without going to a gym.

Emilie Lemoine, Fun Workout‘s General Manager, feels “that VR is really good at distracting you, and that can be extremely useful while exercising, especially for those who lack motivation. When you’re distracted or have something to focus on, you don’t realize how much you are actually doing, how many muscles you are actually working, because you are focused on the end goal of the game.”

The concept of Fun Workout is to get more results with less effort!

Clients achieve incredible results with Icaros devices which allow 100% higher muscle activity and allow you to burn 30% more calories than a conventional physical workout.

“These technologies are particularly important to us because they allow users to exercise more efficiently and faster than traditional exercise,” says Emilie Lemoine.

Fun Workout is currently working on the upcoming market launch of new VR products, incorporating VR Fitness technology, and making it a global forerunner in it’s industry. Emilie Lemoine states,  “VR Fitness, the driving force behind new workout methods, is a major break through in the fitness industry. Our combined technologies create a new tool that will amplify this market.” She adds, “The mission of Fun Workout is to empower its forward-thinking customers to use cutting-edge VR technology with fitness.”

Since its founding in 2019, Fun Workout has been working to become the undisputed specialist in VR Fitness. With an ever growing catalog of products, there is an option for everyone!

Customers can discover and purchase products at Also, one can make an appointment at the Atlanta showroom (5300 Peachtree Road, suite 1304, Chamblee GA 30341).

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