French Startups Want France to Be a Tech Giant

Since Brexit in the UK made corporations begin to look elsewhere in Europe for their business, many are turning to France as a place of potential growth in the tech and business sectors.

French president Emmanuel Macron has been keeping this in mind since he began his term, and has promised both in word and action to try and make France a country friendly to corporations and foreign and local investors. Roxanne Varza, director of the startup “campus” Station F, a startup and business incubator in Paris which opened in summer 2017, recently interviewed with Bloomberg Technology to give her thoughts on potential growth in French technology.


Varza seems optimistic about France’s prospects and the role that Station F might play in promoting and nurturing French tech startups. She says that French startups are looking to American companies for inspiration in a lot of ways, both positive and negative. She cites the recent Facebook scandal as an event that is encouraging Station F startups to think harder about ethical business practices, and mentions Snapchat as a positive model of “American” business practices.

Whether or not Varza will succeed in her goals is up to the ever-changing international commercial sphere, but France is definitely not planning on sitting this round out of the competition. Check out this tour of Station F to get an idea of what Varza has in mind for the future of tech startups in France.