French People Try American McDonald’s French Fries For the First Time

A man sitting at a table eating food

That debate still continues to this day: the French say they invented fries, the Belgians say they perfected them. Historians say, who cares? They’re delicious. However, it seems that a different debate has been officially answered: Can Americans make French Fries better than the French?

Looks like the answer is no. Buzzfeed had French people sit down and try McDonald’s fries to compare it to the fries that the French have at “MacDo” (the French pronunciation of McDonald’s).

The results? Words like “mushy,” “plastic-y,” and “oily” were thrown around. While some thought there was not much of a difference, the general feeling at the end of the video is that the French still do fries better than anyone else. Honestly, I’ve always been under the impression that American McDonald’s fries are some of the best guilty pleasure fries out there!

While this video is pretty ridiculous, it also underlines how much the French value the quality of their food — even their McDonald’s has standards!

My suggestion? Watch this with a side of fries.

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