French Guy Cooking Learns How To Make Croissants Like A Professional

The croissant is the simplest, most quotidian bakery item in all of France. But take it from chef Alex Gabriel, that doesn’t make it easy.

In this video Alex, AKA French Guy Cooking, goes to the boulangerie Utopie in the 11th arrondissement in Paris to learn how to make croissants the right way. And he doesn’t quite seem prepared for what he’s gotten himself into. According to the pâtisserie chefs at Utopie, a proper croissant takes three days to make, and requires a special butter called Montaigu butter, which you definitely can’t find in your average grocery shop. The butter is then folded into layers of dough using a special machine in quantities that will make your cholesterol bloom at the sight.


The final product will make your mouth water just as much as it makes Alex’s. Stay tuned for further episodes in this series, where Alex will try to improve his homemade croissants using what he learned.