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French Butchers Under Attack by Vegan Activists

A young man preparing food in a kitchen

An unexpected wave of violence swept through France this week at the behest of a group ironically known for its anti-violence platform: vegans.

Back in June, the Federation of French Butchers wrote to the French government seeking protection from “militant veganism,” citing a variety of attacks ranging from smashes windows to buckets of fake blood to having the locks on their shop doors glued shut. This week, vegan protests continued, with protestors parading through the streets and congregating around butcher shops wearing shirts that say, “Boucher pas un métier,” or, “Butcher is not a profession.”

These events propose interesting questions in a country where the treatment of meat as food is considered an art form, with traditional artisan butchers making sure to point out that they are not part of the industrial complex and that their respect for the craft is less harmful to people, animals, and the environment. In this video, one butcher even goes so far as to say, “Eating less meat in general but consuming better quality meat, that’s the best option.”

Though it’s doubtful that vegans and vegetarians will be convinced by this, they might need to take things down a notch if the government decides to side with the people preparing their Sunday dinners.

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