The Everyday French Girl Makeup Look

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In the midst of New York Fashion Week, the biggest question of everyone’s day is usually “What should I wear?” And while this question is usually about what clothes to wear, it could also equally be about what lipstick to wear.

It’s not easy to choose a beauty look for the day, especially when there are SO many tutorials out there these days, but if you want to go for something simple, fresh and clean, then there is no other place to look than to YouTube’s beauty vlogger “The Very French Girl.

Makeup transcends language barriers, but even so The Very French Girl makes her beauty vlogs in both English (with an adorable French accent) and in French. Not only that, but she brings a bit of that French laissez-faire attitude to the beauty vlogging world, often going with “less is more.” Still, if she wants to add a bit of pop, she’s not afraid to get out the bright lipsticks.

If you’re looking for an easy, everyday French makeup style, look no further, for The Very French Girl is here to show you her everyday routine, including a simple yet slightly smoky eye look and a cherry red lip.

Watch the tutorial:


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