Where to Create Your Own Custom Perfume in Paris

Image: Candora Paris / Facebook

Paris has been central to the art of perfume-making since Catherine de Medici first exported perfumes from Italy to France in the 1500s. With the assistance of Louis XV, who loved perfume so much his court was called “la cour parfumée,” and Madame de Pompadour, who spent over 500 livres ($63,500) annually on scents and who used scent not only for herself but also on her fans and the furniture in her apartments, Paris became the place to be for Europe’s top parfumiers.

In today’s Paris, you can make your own bespoke, custom-made perfume at boutiques throughout the city. Though creating a personalized blend of perfume definitely belongs in the category of luxurious self-care, this very-Parisian experience is an affordable luxury. Whether you prefer the aroma of your own individual fragrance to be elaborate or simple, it will be the only one like it in the entire world. C’est merveilleux!


Fragonard – 3-5 Square de l’Opéra-Louis Jouvet, 75009

One of the most well-known and respected parfumiers in Paris offers a “perfumer’s apprentice workshop” where you learn to create a cologne under the watchful eyes of a Fragonard professional. Classes are to be booked ahead and are held at the Museum of Perfume.

The class is priced at €95, and includes a 100ml bottle of cologne you’ve created in its own pouch along with a diploma signed by the teacher and your perfumer’s apprentice apron.

Candora Paris1 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004

Candora has both private lessons and group lessons in French or English. The 90-minute group class shows you how to make your own uniquely-blended perfume with your own hands. A perfect DIY experience! See the class information here.

The class is priced at €79, and gift cards are available if you want to share the experience with a lucky friend. You’ll take home a 50 ml bottle of your craft perfume.

Le Studio des Parfums Paris – 23 rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004

With more than 150 exclusive fragrance bases and quality raw materials collected in what Le Studio des Parfums calls a “fragrance creator organ” your bespoke scent will have the qualities of both depth and beauty. This parfumerie founded in 1747 offers a wide selection of group lessons and individualized classes with focuses on “passion,” “flowers,” or “escapades.” See the list of workshops here.

Course prices run from €95 to €235 with different arrangements and focal points.

Parfums Sur Mesure52 Rue de l’Université, 75007

This modern, light, and elegant boutique gives one a sense of going back in time. Inside this independent shop now open for more than twenty years, you’ll create your own unique and unforgettable scent. Proprietor Stéphanie de Bruijn incorporates her training in music and sciences into the art of making perfume. See the class information here.

At €6000, this high-end experience is one-on-one with the proprietor. Your formula will be kept on file for the future, and when you leave the shop you’ll be carrying one luxury bespoke numbered “Royale de Champagne” crystal bottle along with five traditional 100 ml bottles of your scent.