The Best French-Themed Halloween Costumes

Image: still from Always Fun YouTube Channel's "French costume idea" video

France doesn’t really celebrate for Halloween… but for Halloween you can celebrate France! Check out some France and French-inspired Halloween costumes. Yes, some of them are cheesy — no pun intended — but if there’s a time for that, it’s Halloween.

The Beret-and-Stripes French Look


Montmartre Artist

*Beret-and-stripes but with a twist*

French Mime

*Beret-and-stripes but with more makeup*

French Toast

*Beret-and-stripes but with more toast*

French Kiss

*(like the band? get it?) beret-and-stripes but with more aggressive makeup*

The Eiffel Tower

Moulin Rouge Dancer


Image via Amelie, via Hariku Tumblr.

French Chef

*get a chef costume and carry a baguette (and paint on a mustache, if you so desire)*

Marie Antoinette

Wine Bottle

Napoleon Bonaparte

French Macaron

Royal Court Members

French French Bulldog

*works best on a dog*