Become a Femme Fatale with this French Girl Makeup Look

“Inspired by femme fatale. Glamour. Danger. Mystery. An obsession that can’t be denied.” This is the official description of the new Estée Lauder makeup collection La Dangereuse, or “The Dangerous Woman” (perhaps a little Ariana Grande inspiration there?). The collection was created by Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director and Frenchly spirit animal Violette.

Violette is a world famous makeup artist and designer, so who better to show off her new creations than the YouTube beauty vlogger known as The Very French Girl? This makeup tutorial takes a look at the La Dangereuse Blue Dahlia Eyeshadow Palette, Sheer Scandal Eye Gloss, and the Pure Color Envy liquid matte lipstick in the color La Dangereuse 314. There are two version of the same look, starring an adorable peacock blue eyeshadow faux-eyeliner look, with either a nude lip or the La Dangereuse liquid lipstick in a fabulous deep shiny raspberry shade.


Though the collection is not for sale in the US yet, you can feast your eyes on Violette’s inspiration, a photo from the Yves Saint Laurent archives that sums up everything a dangerous French woman should aspire to be.