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Le Bataclan Plans to Reopen in 2016

In a statement posted to their Facebook page today, Le Bataclan announced that they will be renovating the concert hall before reopening, hopefully hosting shows by the end of 2016.

Opened in the last year of the American Civil War, 1865, Le Bataclan has had a storied existence as a vaudeville venue, movie house, and finally as a concert hall, which was shattered by the terrorist attacks of November 13th, 2015, when 89 people were murdered at an Eagles Of Death Metal concert.

Part-owners Jules Frutos and Olivier Poubelle told Le Monde that if the venue was renovated that “the room will be respected—we will not destroy it.”

“Entering that place would be voyeurism. And pain,” Frutos said. “It reinforces my thoughts that we should not make it into a mausoleum, nor a place of pilgrimage.”

They’ve promised to keep the world informed about developments in the project as their plans become clearer and thanked their well-wishers for their support and sympathy.

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