Get this Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Look by Makeup Guru Violette

For those of you who don’t know French makeup wizard and Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder Violette, you are now welcome.

Violette is the patron saint of real world women who want to experiment with their makeup without some beauty vlogger telling them they need seventeen different products to do it. Her tutorials are quintessentially French in that they focus on letting one key product or color pop while letting the rest of the face retain its natural freshness. Most of her looks, like this one inspired by French actress and style icon Brigitte Bardot, only require two or three products. In this case, a matte black eyeshadow, a nude lipstick, and a lot of mascara. Maximum eyes, minimum everything else. Just let that sexy “rolled out of bed after a long night” look take over.


Take a look inside Violette’s makeup workshop here, or learn how to get a full Bardot outfit inspiration in this French Icon style guide.