A Sneak Peek Inside the Beauty Palace of French Makeup Artist Violette

When searching for the ultimate beauty secrets of French women, is there any place more suitable to look than the workshop of a French beauty genius?

This week’s subject of Harper’s BAZAAR series, “Beauty Stash,” is celebrity makeup artist Violette, otherwise known as the Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder. This French transplant shows viewers her makeup palace in Brooklyn, starting with her own personal stash of cosmetics she uses on a daily basis, including a lot of really simple French pharmacy products. But Violette also shows off her workshop, where the Estée Lauder products you buy in stores first get mixed and tinkered into existence.


From giant jars of makeup pigments in every color to basic beauty routines, this look into the life of Violette shows that, far from being easy, there’s a lot of work — but also a lot of fun — that goes into getting that French girl style.