Where to Get Galette des Rois in New York 2020

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In keeping with our desire to make sure you only eat the best of the best, we’ve prepared the list of where to get galettes des rois in New York City in 2020. L’Epiphanie (epiphany) is celebrated on Sunday, January 5, but many of these bakeries sell it all through January.



A traditional King Cake is available this January at Benoit. Each galette serves 6 ($29) and comes with a fève tucked between the layers of puff pastry and frangipane. Available until January 31, place your order online at least 24 hours in advance.

Bouchon Bakery


Bouchon Bakery‘s excellent frangipane galette is $35 (or $5.95 for a slice). Order by phone at 212-823-9357 or by email. Available for pre-order until January 29, and pickup until January 31. — Time Warner Center Ten Columbus Circle, Third Floor, UWS (212-823-9366); 1 Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown (212-823-9357); Hudson Yards (929-450-4001).

Ceci-Cela Pâtisserie

The pâtisserie-café Ceci-Cela offers an 8″ galette des rois ($35). Order by email, calling, or in-store. — 14 Delancey St (212-274-9179)


Starting January 6, Mirjam and the team at Cuis’in are preparing and deliver galette to Manhattan on the same day for any order made before 10 a.m. They can also have it deliver all over the United States (within 48 hours). One galette serves 6-8 people ($32). This year, you can ask for the “special football” fève. Order online or by phone: 646-468-6159.

Le District

The French market located at Brookfield Place, Le District, sells its galette from January 2 to 6 only. This year, there’s only one size that’s 10″ in diameter ($42.50). To be picked up at the bakery; orders can be placed in-store. — Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty St, Financial District, (212-981-8588). 

Dominique Ansel


For his American customers, Dominique Ansel describes the traditional frangipane cake as a “cake-shaped almond croissant.” They come of course with a fève and crown and are available for 6-8 people ($42). Single servings are available in-store ($7). All orders can be made online here for Soho location and here for West Village location (48 hours in advance). Available until January 19. — 189 Spring St, SoHo (212-219-2773); 137 Seventh Avenue South, West Village (212-242-5111)

Éclair Bakery

Eclair Bakery is offering two galette in the traditional frangipane flavor: one serving 6 people ($34) and one serving 8-10 people ($38). Order online or by phone. — 305 East 53rd Street, Midtown East (347-515-2122)

Epicerie Boulud

Epicerie Boulud‘s frangipane cake serves 8 people ($42). It contains one fève and is sold with a golden crown. On sale online and in-store. — Lincoln Center, 1900 Broadway (212-595-0303); Westfield World Trade Center, 185 Greenwich St LL 4000 (212-595-9605); Plaza Food Hall, 1 W 59th St (212-794-2825).


One of Financier‘s frangipane galette serves 4-6 people ($22.50) or 6-8 people ($31.50) and comes with a crown and fève. Individual sizes are available ($5) but don’t come with a fève or crown. For the first two weeks of January, there’s also a frangipane-pistachio-apricot option that serves 8-10 people ($31.50). Order in store, by phone (718-290-1011) or online starting January 2. — Various locations throughout Manhattan

Gabriel Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolates

For a Gabriel Kreuther galette, order a traditional frangipane, serving 8-10 people ($45) in advance online for pickup in-store. —.43 W 42nd St, New York (212-201-1985)


At Ladurée, there’s the classic frangipane galette, which has a fève hidden inside. It comes in three sizes: individual ($7), 4 people ($28.50), 6 people ($39.50), and 8 people ($52.50). A fève comes with each galette to hide inside. Order 48 hours in advance by email or calling (646-213-2806). For sale from January 1 to 22. — 864 Madison Avenue, UES (646-558-3157); 398 West Broadway, Soho (646-392-7868).

Maison Kayser


In the 16 stores across New York, Maison Kayser is offering two cakes: a traditional frangipane galette and a brioche aux fruits confits. The galette comes in an individual size ($7.50) and for 6-8 people ($32). Both cakes come with a fève and crown. Order in-store or by calling. Various locations throughout the city

La Maison du Macaron

The macaron house‘s galette des rois are traditional with a twist. The almond cream is flavored with rhum! Two sizes are available, one 7″ ($28) and one 11″ ($42), as well as an individual size ($5.40). Each galette comes with a crown and collectable porcelaine fève, which can be brought back into the store in exchange for a macaron. Available until January 31. — 132 W. 23rd St, Flatiron, (212-243-2757)

Margot Patisserie

On the Upper West Side, Margot offers a frangipane galette in three sizes: for 6 people ($25), 8 people ($35) and 10-12 people ($45). Order at least two days in advance by telephone or online. — 2109 Broadway (entrance on West 74th Street), UWS, (212-721-0076)

Miss Madeleine

The small French bakery on the Upper East Side is offering three sizes of frangipane galettes this year: an individual one ($7), a medium that serves 2-4 ($15), and a large one that serves 8-10 ($32), all available on order on the website, by phone, or in-store. The large and medium come with a fève inside or on the side and a crown. Available to be delivered or picked up in-store. — 400 East 82nd St. (646-896-1227)


Mille-Feuille offers a traditional frangipane galette until January 30th. Available for 6 people ($24.90) and 10 people ($39.90). Individual portions are on sale in store. Order in-store, by phone, or online. Special this year, a few galettes have charms in them that earn you a $30 gift card. — 552 Laguardia Pl, New York (212) 533-4698; 2175 Broadway, New York (212) 362-6261; Hotel Belleclaire, 250 W 77th St.



The Upper West Side bakery Recolte sells its traditional almond galettes throughout January. Two sizes are on sale: for 6-8 people ($30) for 1-2 people ($9.50). Each galette, even the small one, comes with a fève and the large one comes with a crown. Pre-orders are highly recommended and can be made by phone or on site. — 300 Amsterdam Ave (646-928-0116).

Silver Moon Bakery

Morningside Heights’ Silver Moon Bakery offers two different galettes, one in traditional frangipane and one with raspberry preserves. They’re available in sizes of 8″ ($42), 10″ ($47), and 12″ ($56). Each galette comes with a fève and gold crown. Pre-orders are recommended; call to order. 212-866-4717. — 2740 Broadway


Almondine Bakery

At Almondine, Hervé Poussot’s galette comes in one size serving 6-8 people ($32), offered with a crown and a fève. Order by phone or by email. — 85 Water Street, DUMBO (718-797-5026)

Charlotte Patisserie

Two sizes of galette are offered at Charlotte Patisserie, one 7″ ($25) and the other 10″ ($35). Each contains a fève and is sold with a crown. Order in-store or over the phone at 718-383-8313. — 596 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint (718-383-8313); 201 Court St, Cobble Hill (929-295-0372)

Colson Pastries


Colson’s galettes are available until the end of January for delivery in Manhattan and Brooklyn and to pickup in the two Brooklyn stores. They are available in traditional frangipane or a hazelnut-orange flavor, for 8-12 people ($40). Individual slices are also for sale in-store. — Park Slope: 374 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215; Industry City: 253 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Le French Tart

Two fèves are sold with each galette as well as two crowns (for the king and queen!) at Le French Tart. The galette can serve 6-8 people. — 579 5th Avenue, Park Slope. (929) 276-3035.


Pistache offers both the frangipane galette and the brioche crown from Provence. Starting on January 3 they can be delivered to homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. They can also be picked up at the manufacturing facility, Pfizer Building (630 Flushing Ave, Suite 806, Brooklyn). The galette is available in frangipane for 6 people ($34) or 8 people ($40) or in almond-pistachio ($36 and $42, respectively). The brioche, filled with candied fruits from Apt is for 8 people ($42). Order 48 hours in advance by email or phone (917) 597-8387. — 630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn (646-207-9390)


Cannelle Patisserie 

Cannelle by Jean-Claude Perennou offers a classic frangipane cake for 8 people ($30). For chocolate lovers, find a chocolate cream cake (by special order only) for 4 people ($20) or 8 people ($32). — 7559 31st Ave, Jackson Heights (718-565-6200); 5-11 47th Ave, LIC (718-937-8500)

New Jersey

Cafe Madelaine


Jersey City’s own Café Madelaine will be serving galette des rois all January. Available in an individual size, for 6, or 10 people. Call to order or order in-store. —34 Coles Street, Jersey City (201-499-3691)

Choc O Pain

Clémence Danko and her team offer one flavor of galette, frangipane. It comes in one size for 6-8 people ($32). Available in store and online during all of January. — 157 First Street, Hoboken (201) 710-5175; 530 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City (201) 435-2462; 330-332 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City (201) 420-7111; Hudson Tea Building, 1500 Hudson street, Hoboken (201-683-3300)


FIAF invites you to its Galette des Rois party on Tuesday, January 7 at 6:30 p.m. RSVP to attend. It’s $30 for members and $35 for non-members. More information on the FIAF website.

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