Where to find Galette des Rois in New York in 2021

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Epiphany is January 6, but galette des rois, or “King Cake,” is already available for sale at most bakeries and French pâtissiers in New York, and will be for several weeks. This is the moment to treat yourself – and to support the local artisans who have suffered so much during the COVID-19 crisis. Here is the list of all those who have responded to our queries. Let us know if we’ve missed any!


Ceci Cela

Pâtissier Laurent Dupal is offering his galette until the end of February. The frangipane cake is available in an individual size (8 inches), or for 6 to 8 people, at a price of $35. 14, Delancey Street. Tel: (917) 991-8717


Mirjam Lavabre and her team have added two flavors to their traditional galette des rois: matcha and chocolate. Large galettes (11 inches) are $32 each. Cuis’in offers same-day delivery in Manhattan (if you order before 10AM); for Brooklyn and Queens, contact them in advance. They can also deliver throughout the United States in 48 hours. Tel: (646) 468-6159.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

The star of French pâtissiers in the U.S. wouldn’t dare to miss the occasion. His galette is made of inverted puff pastry that, he says, “signifies that the butter is outside the pastry during the lamination process, permitting a flakier result with a caramelized crust.” The galettes (for 6-8 people), will be sold for $42 each until January 24. They can be pre-ordered online. Also available by the slice, for $7.50 each. 189 Spring Street, Tel: (212) 219-2773.

Eclair Bakery

At Eclair Bakery, chef Stéphane Pourrez offers his frangipane galette in two sizes, 8 inches and 8 inches, for 6-8 and 8-10 people. 303 East 53rd Street, Tel: (212) 759-2253

La Maison du Macaron

La galette de la Maison du macaron

Pascal Goupil makes his galette “in the most traditional way,” with a dash of rum added to the almond cream. The galette is available – until January 31 – in two sizes: 7-inch (serves 6) for $28, and 11-inch (serves 8-10) for $42. Available until January 31. 132 West 23rd Street, Tel: 212-243-2757.


The Ladurée galette comes in 3 sizes: individual ($7.50), for 4 ($28.50), and for 6 ($36.50). You can buy one in any of their New York locations, or order online, until January 27. 864 Madison Avenue, Tel: 646-558-3157 et 398 West Broadway Tel: 646-392-7868


At Mille-Feuille, contrary to many others in the U.S., la fève will come inside the cake. The galette is most traditional: puff pastry and frangipane. A galette that serves 6 costs $29.90, and $44.90 for 10. 2175 Broadway, Tel: (212) 362-6261; 552 Laguardia Pl, Greenwich Village, (212) 533-4698; 250 W 77th St, Hotel Belleclaire, 250 W. 77th St, UWS (212) 362-6261.

Miss Madeleine

At Miss Madeleine you must ask them to hide the fève inside your galette. The flavor is almond, and available in 3 sizes: 8-10 people for $32, 2-4 for $15, and individual for $7. Order online or at the store until January 31. 400 E 82nd St, Tel: (646)896-1227

Silver Moon Bakery

American Judith Norell has been in the Upper West Side for 20 years. This year, she is offering a raspberry galette, in 3 sizes: 8 inches for $41, 10 inches for $47, and 12 inches for $58. The traditional galette is also available, at the following prices: 8″ for $39, 10″ for $45, and 12″ for $56. Each galette contains a fève. 2740 Broadway (& 105th Street); Tel: (212) 866-4717.

Margot Pâtisserie

Margot’s galette is made of frangipane and orange zest. It will be available in two sizes: 8″ for $30, and 10″ for $38. Order online two days in advance. 2109 Broadway, Tel: (212) 721-0076.


Almondine Bakery

Hervé Poussot, the DUMBO pâtissier and owner of Almondine, has created a traditional galette des rois, made with frangipane, with a hidden fève included. A cake for 6-8 people is $36. Warning: they are only available upon request. 85 Water Street, Brooklyn; Tel: (718) 797-5026.


At this Park Slope pâtissier-boulanger, you can find a traditional galette, or one made with apricot jam. For 8-10 people, a cake will cost you $35, and a mini for 1-2 people only $6.50. 374 9th St, Brooklyn; Tel: (347) 637-6676


Gus Reckel, the banker-turned-baker, and founder of l’Imprimerie in Bushwick, uses his father’s recipe. The cake serves 8 people and costs $38. 1524 Myrtle Avenue,Bushwick; Tel: (929) 295-6464

La Bicyclette Bakery

At the bakery of Florent Andreytchenko, recently opened in Williamsburg, a galette for 8 people is $45. The fèves, hidden inside, this year have a sports theme (Allez les Bleus!). Available in store or online until January 24. 667 Driggs Ave Williamsburg; Tel: (347) 916-1417.

Le French Tart

At Laurent Chavanet’s Le French Tart, the frangipane galettes (for 6-8) are $29.50. They can be pre-ordered or purchased in-store at either of their two boutiques. 306 court street (Carroll Gardens); Tel: (347) 916 0014 and 579 5th avenue (Park Slope), Tel: (929) 276 3035.


La couronne des rois de Pistache

Pistache market offers a galette flavored with… well, pistachio, of course. At $36 for 6 people and $42 for 8. For the traditional frangipane flavor, the cost is $34 for 6 people and $40 for 8. Pistache is also one of the rare places in New York to also offer a “couronne des rois,” or Provençal-style King Cake (brioche with candied fruits), for $42. Pre-order required. You can pickup from Pistache’s kitchen (630 Flushing Avenue, Suite 806 in Williamsburg), or have them deliver. Pickup is also possible on Saturdays at the bookstore Albertine on the Upper East Side. Tel: (917) 597-8387.

Charlotte Pâtisserie

At Charlotte pâtisserie, galettes are available throughout the month of January. The small size is $25, and the large is $35. Order by phone or by email201 Court street et 596 Manhattan avenue; Tel: (718) 383-8313.



The galette from Jean-Claude Perrenou, chef pâtissier (and co-owner) of Cannelle is resolutely traditional: frangipane, crème pâtissière, and a soupçon of rum. The fève is of course included. Available in two sizes: large (serves 8) for $28, and small (serves 4) for $18. (The small version is not available at the Jackson Heights location.)  5-11 47th Ave, Long Island City, Tel: 718-937-8500; 7559 31st Ave, Jackson Height, Tel: 718-565-6200.

La Boulangerie de François

Tucked away in Forest Hills, Queens, François Danielo continues to honor the French baking tradition with his butter and frangipane galette, baked in the house bread oven. The 9″ cake is $35.50, with individual slices for $6.05. 109-01 72nd Road, Forest Hills; Tel: (347) 644-5606

New Jersey

Choc O Pain

There is one size only for galettes at Choc O Pain (9″, serves 6-8), for $30. The frangipane dessert is available until January 31, with pre-orders recommended. 157 first street in Hoboken (Tel:  201-710-5175); 1500 Hudson Street in Hoboken (Tel: 201-683-3300); 530 Jersey avenue in Jersey City (Tel: 201-435-2462); 330-332 Palisade Avenue in Jersey City (Tel: 201-420-7111).

Café Madelaine

Anne Dufour, founder of Café Madeleine, offers two sizes of her galettes: medium (8″) for $26, and the large (10″) for $34. 34 Coles Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302; Tel: 201-499-3691.

Le French Dad

A baker who followed his passion, Arben Gasi opened a “village bakery” in Montclair, New Jersey. You can find a galette there starting January 6, and until the end of the month. Online reservations highly recommended. The 8″ galette is $28. 10 Church Street, Montclair; Tel: (973) 746-0288.

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