What It Looks Like Inside Paris’s Most Important Art Market

If you didn’t have the cash to fly out to FIAC, Paris’s International Contemporary Art Fair, don’t worry — you can catch the highlights here.

Of the countless places art is bought and sold in a record $63.7 billion global market, one of the most important is FIAC, which is held every year at the Grand Palais in Paris. Could you imagine anything more picturesque than a minefield of hot new artworks viewed through the green and glass birdcage of the Grand Palais? If you can, you’re probably an artist yourself. And the fun doesn’t stop at the gates to the palace — performance art pieces took place in the Tuileries, on Place de la Concorde, and in other iconic outdoor spaces throughout Paris. An interview with Chinese gallerist Simon Wang of Antenna Space dives into the reasons for FIAC’s importance in the global art sphere, the true price of a contemporary art piece, and the “speculative market” of art buying.


Want to see more? FIAC lists all pieces shown and their artists on their online gallery.