Try this French Model’s Bold Makeup Look

In this stunning video, French Model Mélodie Vaxelaire tries a makeup look that looks amazing, but takes dedication.

Mixing bright colors on her eyelids, eye line, and cheek bones, Vaxelaire smears them together. Miraculously, instead of looking like a kindergartener who has gotten into her mom’s makeup bag, she looks ready to go out for the best night of her life.

To be honest, you’ve gotta be bold to try this look. As one person in the comments section aptly put it, “She can pull off the look because she is gorgeous! I if do that, I would look like a potato on drugs or something!” And while you might not exactly turn out looking like a potato on drugs, this look is definitely one that could take some practice to recreate.

What I love about it the most, however, is that no matter how many times you do it, the look will never be quite the same because of the way that the colors mix and blend. It’s truly original.

Are you willing to try this look out?


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