The Natural French Girl Hair Routine

French women are famous worldwide for their (alleged) almost wizardly secret knowledge of beauty products and their myriad uses. There is an entire industry devoted to discovering and monetizing French beauty secrets.

But when it comes to hair, there’s still a lot left un-talked about. The classic Parisian bedhead might look effortless, and most parisiennes will tell you things like, “just go to sleep with wet hair,” or, “don’t wash it too much.” But there’s got to be more to it than just that, right?


Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director Violette agrees. In this video, Violette goes through her once-a-week intensive hair routine (since she only washes her hair twice a week, apparently) using products from the all-natural brand Briogeo. She’ll show you what to do one day a week to ensure that the other six, you can really have that “I just woke up like this” hair. And if you’ve got a different type of hair to work with, don’t worry — Briogeo has products for all hair types, customized just for you.