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‘Plan Cœur / The Hookup Plan’ Season 2 Just Dropped on...

The beloved French Netflix series about a trio of friends returns.

Why You Should Binge-Watch “Plan Cœur” on Netflix

Netflix has a new French series out called "Plan Coeur."

The Best Cooking Show Episodes That Take Place in France

Cheaper than a plane ticket or a Michelin star meal.

Netflix Releases Documentary about November 2015 Paris Attacks

Watch the heart-pounding trailer for the new Netflix documentary about the Paris Attacks.

Fary: the 25-Year-Old Comedian Changing the French Comedy Game

This fresh-faced comedian is taking France (and now Netflix) by storm.

“Presque Adultes”: Three French YouTubers Go Mainstream

Get your modern language and culture education from TF1's new ten-part miniseries, available on YouTube.

8 French Remakes of American TV Shows

The US has a lot of French food and wine. France, meanwhile, has a lot of American TV.

Top French Series & Movies Available in the U.S.

Check out these French productions to watch in the States.
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