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Netflix’s Next French Series Vampires Drops March 20

The next made-in-France Netflix series will be about a girl discovering that she's half vampire in modern day Paris.

Netflix’s New French Show Twice Upon a Time is a Time-Traveling...

Finished binge-watching Plan Coeur season two? Now here's something a little more thrilling.

Amazon Prime Video Is Working on Four New French Projects for...

The streaming giant is trying to "think global" and "act local" in its pursuit of international markets.

‘Plan Cœur / The Hookup Plan’ Season 2 Just Dropped on...

The beloved French Netflix series about a trio of friends returns.

Why You Should Binge-Watch “Plan Cœur” on Netflix

Netflix has a new French series out called "Plan Coeur."

The Best Cooking Show Episodes That Take Place in France

Cheaper than a plane ticket or a Michelin star meal.

Netflix Releases Documentary about November 2015 Paris Attacks

Watch the heart-pounding trailer for the new Netflix documentary about the Paris Attacks.

Fary: the 25-Year-Old Comedian Changing the French Comedy Game

This fresh-faced comedian is taking France (and now Netflix) by storm.

“Presque Adultes”: Three French YouTubers Go Mainstream

Get your modern language and culture education from TF1's new ten-part miniseries, available on YouTube.
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