Parisian Teens Being Emo

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Summer is coming to an end, which means that those many summer flings and romances may also be coming to an end as everyone heads back to school and work, and back to normal life.

But not everyone will return to “normal life.” Some Parisian lovers are prescribing to a new idea about life and about love: that it doesn’t have to end the way summer does. In i-D ‘s Summer of Love video series, they interviewed two young Parisian lovers, actor Lukas Ionesco and model Angele Metzger, who talked about their modern romance while strolling through the streets of Paris.

In their love, there are few rules. Things like gender, or relationship labels don’t matter to Ionesco and Metzger, who would instead just like having fun together, being silly and getting lost in the streets of Paris. It doesn’t seem that revolutionary, but their relationship is refreshingly free of any anxieties.

“I really like it when we laugh together. We laugh a lot and it’s so strong,” says Ionesco. “I need that, as a kid I wasn’t much in to playing.”

Perhaps naive, but still beautiful, these two lovers show that sometimes things in life are easy:


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