For Naturality and Expertise, Mustela Sets the Bar

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In an era where companies are facing more and more pressure from consumers to be transparent about their business practices and the makeup of their products, one company isn’t feeling the pressure. “Corporate Social Responsibility is part of Mustela’s DNA and continues to be central to our mission,” remarks Stanislas Baudry, Managing Director of Mustela North America, the leading baby and maternity skincare brand owned by French parent company Expanscience Laboratories.

Founded over 70 years ago, the company has been ahead of the ethical-and-transparent trend. “As a testament to our longstanding CSR efforts, the company was recently recognized as a B Corporation. We believe that using business as a force for good can lead to social change,” explains Baudry. Expanscience Laboratories is the first and only pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic company to be recognized as a B Corporation, an international certification for corporations dedicated to being socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.

Mustela’s prominence in France has solidified its cult status as the lotion for babies and children. “It’s a beloved brand that has been used by generations, and our consumers equate the smell with a newborn baby” says Baudry. The recent surge in popularity of natural products hasn’t shaken Mustela’s reputation as France’s signature baby lotion either. “Our products use an average of 95% natural ingredients,” affirms Baudry. Of the small percentage of synthetic ingredients in Mustela’s formulas — never more than 5% — all are considered safe by the EU’s rigorous standards. Since Mustela products are manufactured in France, the company follows European cosmetic regulations, which ban over 1,300 ingredients. By contrast, the FDA has only banned 11 ingredients. Those European regulations put Mustela on a level of safety that American-made products just don’t come close to. “We will never put banned or questionable ingredients into our formulas,” Baudry affirms. “Not only are all our formulas based on natural ingredients, but we are an expert brand backed by the science.”

Using its expertise in plant extraction, Mustela patented Avocado Perseose®, an active ingredient found in all bébé-child products. This hero ingredient is clinically-proven to protect the skin barrier and stem cells. Through additional research on the physiology of babies’ skin, Mustela became the first brand to map baby skin types and developed a dedicated range for each: Normal, Dry, Eczema-Prone and Very Sensitive. “This innovation was ground breaking for the US medical community, as doctors were eager for natural and effective solutions for their patients’ skin needs,” emphasizes Baudry.

Most recently, Mustela announced the launch of “I Want Natural,” a 360-degree media campaign demonstrating the brand’s long-term commitment to product safety and the use of clean and natural ingredients. “This new campaign is a platform to promote our unique position as a baby skincare brand offering the perfect balance of science and nature,” says Baudry. The campaign aims to disrupt the baby care marketing landscape by veering away from the traditional codes of the category, allowing the babies to do the talking with the goal to educate consumers on ethical and sustainable sourcing, transparency, quality, and natural ingredients.

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