Makeup Tutorial: French vs. American

If you like Kylie Jenner’s makeup, this video is perfect for you. If you don’t like Kylie Jenner’s makeup, this video is also perfect for you.

In this tutorial, makeup vlogger Christen Dominique, fresh from Paris Fashion Week, shows us what she noticed about French makeup while abroad. In a split-face display, Dominique gives us a side-by-side comparison of French makeup and American makeup. The difference might not be too surprising — we all know the French like to keep it simple and classy when it comes to their beauty routines. Besides being instructive and informative, what’s hilarious about this video is seeing just how hard it is for Dominique, a cosmetics professional, to keep from adding extra steps to the French routine, even as she admits that a real French woman would probably never add that extra bit of highlighting.

Don’t fully trust Christen Dominique yet to speak on behalf of French women? Watch this video to hear parisiennes speak for themselves on their beauty routines and the importance of a good cold cream, then you’ll know Dominique’s beauty routine is authentic!