Make the Most of Les Soldes: 13 French Brands That Deliver to the U.S.

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There are 12 weeks during the year that create particularly strong feelings of jealousy for non-residents of France. Those weeks would of course be les soldes, the two six-week, nationwide sales when prices can be slashed by as much as 70%.

Residing outside l’hexagone doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the bargain basement-priced goodies. You just have to take advantage of them in a different way. Think of les soldes as an opportunity to offset the cost of shipping French goods to the U.S. When the discounts are deep enough — which means shopping during these last few weeks, as discounts enter the 50%-, 60%- and 70%-off range — the cost of the shipping becomes negligible.

Here are 13 French brands with great soldes prices that deliver to the U.S. Shop now before they’re over on August 6.

1. Le Slip Français

The favorite Made in France undergarment and swimwear brand of Frenchies everywhere, Le Slip Français is a brand to shop that indicates to any français(e) who, ahem, sees your skivvies, that you are a true Francophile. The small discounts, between 15% and 20% off, are balanced out by the modest flatrate shipping fee of 20€. — shop les soldes here

2. La Redoute

Unbeatable, the deal is simply unbeatable. French clothing and housewares brand La Redoute, which currently has discounts on nearly 7,000 items of up to 60%, offers delivery to the U.S. and shipping is as low as $4.99. No other explanation needed. — shop les soldes here


Electronics like the kind sold at FNAC are widely available in the U.S., but the French books sold there are not. Shop FNAC’s soldes and then make the most of the express two-day delivery’s low shipping costs, determined by weight. For example, in our cart we have five books. Outside of les soldes, the books would’ve been 53€, but during les soldes they’re 21€. That’s a 34€ savings, which effectively cancels out the cost of the shipping (20€) and still saves us 14€. Now that’s a good deal. — shop les soldes here (and specifically the books here)

4. Maison Labiche

This Made in France brand is characterized by the delicate embroidered words accenting simple t-shirts and jeans. Maison Labiche offers clothing and accessories for men, women and children. The discount in the sale section is 50%, but you have to hunt to make sure your size is available. Shipping is a 26€ flatrate — an easy fee considering the soldes discounts knocked the total price of the items in our test cart down by 130€. shop les soldes here

5. Merci

Paris’s most famous concept store offers shipping to the U.S. that starts at 32€ and goes up according to weight. Don’t let the hefty shipping fee deter you though, the discounts are as deep as 70% off, and all it takes is a unique dinner set to make the cost worth it. Specifically, the unique dinner set we’re eyeing (four bronze bowls, four enamel pasta bowls and four enamel plates) is $47 cheaper to buy during les soldes and have delivered to the U.S. than at full-price as it was in-store a few weeks ago. — shop les soldes here

6. Antoine et Lili

The adorable floral brand of women and children’s clothing and housewares is participating in les soldes and offering flatrate shipping to the U.S. for 25€. Flowy dresses, off-the-shoulder tops and beaded handbags make up the majority of their discounted selection. — shop les soldes here

7. Saint James

No brand is better than Saint James for buying France’s iconic blue-and-white striped marinière shirt. The sale section is slim pickings, but there’s a nice variety of styles of marinière tops to choose from (and the discount is 50%!). The brand offers free shipping for orders over $49. shop les soldes here

8. Sept Cinq

Another excellent concept store, the Pigalle boutique Sept Cinq offers shipping to the U.S. starting at 30€. Choosing a cute leather wallet, earrings, and a coffee table book, even after the cost of shipping our savings were 47€. — shop les soldes here

9. Étam

In France, Etam‘s discounts go as high as 63%, but the American 30%-off discount is nothing to scoff at. Bodysuits are $33 to $37 online, a great deal compared to the $60 to $70 options at Victoria’s Secret. In our test cart, two items cost $5 in shipping. shop les soldes here

10. Sephora

Unlike the other brands on the list, we’re actually encouraging you to shop the U.S. sales of Sephora because the discounts Stateside are similar to the ones in France. Some items even have deeper discounts in the U.S. — Kat Von D.’s lipstick, for example, is down from 20€ to 14€ in France and $19 to $13 in the U.S. If you’re disappointed to not be shopping at French makeup counters, don’t forget: Sephora is French and so is their makeup line. — shop les soldes here

11. Les Petits Frenchies

With these soldes Francophiles have the chance to get a shirt that reps their love of France. The “Liberté, egalité, rosé” shirt is 20€, down from 25€. Shipping to the U.S. starts at 25€ and increases by 2€ per additional item. With this brand, available exclusively online, considering the alternative shopping method of waiting for a delivery while on your next trip to France puts the price in perspective: four shirts purchased during les soldes and shipped to the U.S. are 113€, while four shirts purchased any other time and shipped to France are 108€. Just think of the 5€ difference as a convenience fee. — shop les soldes here

12. Jour/né

This sweet French women’s brand will give you a fantastic deal thanks to the deep discounts on their usually pricey apparel. Shop the sleeve jacket dress, 75€ instead of 189€, and blue striped dress, 63€ instead of 109€, for example, and you’ll spend just 29€ on shipping. All together, you’re getting a 44% discount paying 167€ for delivery during les soldes as opposed to 298€ you’d pay in store any other time. See the discount in your cart for yourself. — shop les soldes here

13. Les Fleurs

This adorable boutique in Le Marais offers delicate, feminine accessories, jewelry, housewares, paper goods and décor items perfect for anyone hoping to improve their French-girl (life)style. They haven’t sorted their deep discounts into an easy soldes section on the website, but with a bit of perusing you’ll find items for up to 50% off. Global delivery is a flat 40€. — shop les soldes here 

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