French Kids Eat Gourmet School Lunches

In Lyon, second graders are eating gourmet school lunches. So different from the slice of  greasy pizza accompanied by dry carrot sticks and a chocolate milk that many American students receive from their lunch ladies, the students at Daniel Boulud’s old grammar school get to experience freshly made food, made with healthy ingredients.

Anthony Bourdain sat down for a lunch with second-graders to see what made the food at this school so special. The kids gobbled up the creamy vegetable soup they were served along with delicious looking French bread, showing that it doesn’t take magic to make kids eat vegetables: just a good chef.


“The most important thing that we see here is the love Marie [the chef] gives for the food she makes and for the kids she serves,” says Boulud, showing Bourdain how Marie comes out to serve each student, and is attentive to their needs.

Of course, they don’t forget about dessert which again is healthy yet delicious. Homemade fromage blanc mixed with chocolate and topped with orange slices is eaten by the kids with gusto, making your average chocolate chip cookie look incredibly boring.

Watch Anthony Bourdain dine with second-graders: