6 French Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

France: the fashion capital of the world. Fashionistas, hungry for inspiration, turn their attention directly on Paris, to the je ne sais quoi of the French woman.

While the versatile basics, defined lines, and neutral colors of the stereotypical French wardrobe appeal to some, it’s the immense diversity of modern-day French style that attracts such a large audience. With all kinds of looks ranging from urban and edgy to crisp and preppy—and always well put-together—it is no wonder that nearly everyone finds something in French fashion to adore. No matter the outfit, an underlying sense of effortlessness sets French fashion apart from the rest. It’s an effort that with a little bit of effort, anyone can pull off.

Luckily, it is easier than ever to incorporate French style into own American wardrobes, grâce aux French fashion bloggers. Fashion blogs are the gateway between the elite fashion community and the consumers. Bloggers provide endless detailed outfit examples, tips, and ideas for anyone looking to incorporate the l’essence de France into their own personal style. For those seeking inspiration, here’s a list of my favorite French fashion blogs.

Pardon My Obsession – Caroline

Modern chic with distinct lines and bold accessories, Pardon My Obsession is the blog for you. With blog posts in both French and English, Caroline’s blog is accessible to non-French speakers. Pardon My Obsession focuses solely on fashion, but what it lacks in article diversity it makes up for with breathtaking, well-organized content. Each blog post includes links to featured outfit pieces, or similar, cheaper versions, making it easy to emulate Caroline’s look.

What sets Pardon My Obsession apart from other fashion blogs is its focus on statement outerwear, such as edgy leather jackets, fringed sweaters, and eye-catching accessories like a bright red cross-body bag and maroon suede pumps. Through the addition of outerwear, Caroline effortlessly adds intrigue to neutral sweater and ripped denim combinations, mixing distinct textures and topping it off with her signature black cat-eye sunglasses.

Make My Lemonade – Lisa

Of the blogs listed here, Make My Lemonade features the widest array of diverse content. With posts on fashion, travel, food, DIY projects, beauty, “mood,” and “couture” (designs from Lisa’s store – “Wear Lemonade”), there is something for everyone on this blog. All blog posts are written in French. However, all articles (including those covering DIY projects and cuisine) are full of pictures, so even non-French speakers can piece together key details fairly easily. In addition, links to featured articles of clothing are listed, making Lisa’s eccentric, colorful fashion pieces easily findable.

The playful looks featured on Make My Lemonade are vintage-inspired, featuring head scarves, high-waisted pants and skirts, and a very feminine color palette. Unlike the more subdued palettes of other French bloggers, Lisa does not shy away from playful, bright prints, and mixing very distinct patterns.

Une Libanaise À Paris – Samar

To gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of French fashion, look no further than Une Libanaise À ParisThere are articles on style, fashion week, travel, French designers, and French culture. Unlike many of today’s fashion blogs, Une Libanaise À Paris features posts written by Samar, the founder, as well as other contributors. The dual-language nature of this blog makes it very accessible to English and French speakers.

In terms of fashion, Samar’s blog features the boldest wearable styles. Unlike Make My Lemonade which documents very distinct, bold-yet-sweet looks, Une Libanaise À Paris shows outfits that are chic and daring, yet appealing to the average consumer. With some crisp silhouettes, and lacy, bohemian dresses, this blog’s diversity will appeal to a wide range of fierce fashionistas.

Mode and The City – Daphné

With articles covering cuisine, beauty, and fashion, Mode and The City is sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates the ultra-preppy style portrayed throughout Daphné’s blog. There are articles in both French and English. However the English content does not match the French content, and isn’t posted as frequently. No matter the language of the article, links to featured pieces are located at the bottom of each post.

As a connoisseur myself of preppy fashion, Mode and The City is my favorite French blog. Daphné’s posts are full of peacoats, statement necklaces, collared shirts, and plaid. She takes the iconic American J. Crew-look to the next level with an added French flair, as illustrated through her dainty neck scarves and classic loafers. Subtle British influences are present in Daphné’s looks. Her affinity for houndstooth and plaid dresses, skirts, and outerwear make that quite clear. Shopping any of the looks on Mode and The City would be perfect for a preppy American looking to acquire a more global style.

Black Beauty Bag – Fatou

Made famous by her posts on makeup and hair tips for the French black woman, Fatou’s blog Black Beauty Bag is the perfect spot to learn about trending beauty products. Sprinkled amidst her articles on lip treatments, skin cleansers, and face masks, you’ll find more clothing-centric posts, as well as pieces recounting her recent trips throughout Europe. What makes this blog especially unique is Fatou’s Black Beauty Bag Youtube channel, which is home to numerous hair, makeup, and nail tutorials. Black Beauty Bag is only written in French, but is chalk full of photos that will capture the attention of any audience, no matter the language they speak.

Fatou’s fashion sense is edgy with playful pops of color, and the occasional retro silhouette. She does not shy away from rocking high-waisted, boot cut denim, or a vibrant embroidered dress paired with metallic silver booties. In the United States, articles of clothing similar to Fatou’s can be found at imported European stores, such as Zara and Topshop.

Mango & Salt – Victoria

Mango & Salt features articles on fashion, cuisine, lifestyle, home decor, and wellbeing. Readers can indulge in any of Victoria’s numerous posts on “scented candles” or “bougies parfumées.” Mango & Salt is written only in French, but like any good blog, it is filled with pictures and links to products so don’t be too afraid to check it out.

With an abundance of neutrals, clean lines, and an overall modern aesthetic, Victoria’s personal style is reminiscent of Madewell, a popular American clothing store. Yet, Victoria adds a distinctly French touch to this modern style with accent pieces such as leather pants and tights, which are less common in the United States. Another trademark element of Mango & Salt is the abundance of stripes and oversized scarves. (Is there any better shortcut to emulating the French than a clean striped shirt and big cozy scarf? We think not!)

Exploring French fashion blogs is a simple way to gain a better understanding of French fashion, and gather ideas for how to include such looks in one’s own wardrobe. No matter one’s personal style, there’s a French fashion blogger that will appeal. Now, with yourself fully educated on French fashion, let the styling begin! Shop 5 online French fashion stores that deliver to the USA here.

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