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Can These Hollywood Actors Really Speak French?

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What do Tom Hiddleston, Jennifer Lawrence, and Johnny Depp have in common?

All of these Hollywood actors put French on their resumes, probably hoping — like the rest of us — that no one would ever call them on it. In this video, CinéMax asks the question, do these folks really speak French?

Hollywood actors have long been lauded for their abilities to change their appearance, manner, and voice for certain coveted roles. Yet, for American actors in particular, why does language always seem to be the one vocal aspect that trips us all up? Well, at least you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that if you didn’t pay attention in French class, you might not be alone. And you might be in more familiar company than you would expect.

In this video, judge for yourselves whether or not these actors have the chops to audition for the next Amélie remake.

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