Hunting for Treasures: Under-the-Radar Shops in Paris

Au Petit Bonheur la Chance (Photos by Karen Resta)

An afternoon walk in Paris with the added surprise of finding the chicest little shops tucked away in unexpected places is one of our secret pleasures. We’re sharing three of our favorite places with you. (Note: You won’t find these shops on social media. In this sense, they’re truly from a different time!)

Au Petit Bonheur la Chance – 13 rue St Paul, 75004 Paris

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This antique store has a definite personality. Every inch of space is filled with charming, useful knick-knacks and home goods. There’s a sense here of being in a simpler time. The store has three sections — the section to the right is kitchen and dining. The middle has calendars, postcards, paper goods, and small (adorable!) toys from the years past. The left contains crafty things: old bric-a-brac and trimmings, lace, and buttons. Though the space is filled to overflowing with not much room to wander, there’s such a sense of coziness, and it’s difficult to choose without taking more than can easily be carried. Stepping out onto the street will be like leaving a wonderful imaginary world.

Galerie Virguina – 31 bis passage Verdeau, 75009 Paris


This shop is hidden in the Passage Verdeau, which makes it really feel like a clue on a treasure hunt. On the wall outside the shop is a case filled with the work of one of the artists represented by this gallery/costume jewelry shop: religious icons re-imagined with a pop culture attitude.


The shop has a sense of the Victorian, blended with a touch of Louis XIV, then stirred with a touch of Spike Lee. This is the place to find statement jewelry that is truly individual.

Librairie du Marais – 89 Rue Saint Antoine, 75004 Paris


Paris isn’t a place known for bargain bookstores, and though Librairie du Marais isn’t a bargain bookstore, their prices are astonishingly reasonable. If you love beautiful books on fine art, fashion, photography, architecture, crafts, and more, this is the place to go. The titles have been well-chosen with intelligent discretion and include books that aren’t easy to find, and the staff are helpful and interesting.

All images (excluding Instagram post) by Karen Resta