11 Essential French Pharmacy Products You Can Buy in the U.S.

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French women are notoriously loyal when it comes to beauty and skincare products. If a product works, they stick to it — for a lifetime. As French style blogger Garance Doré puts it, “The nightmare of a French girl is a product getting discontinued. It’s not uncommon to hear your friends buying dozens of their favorite perfumes or lipsticks, even before they’re discontinued.”

Most of the skincare products that are in a French woman’s rotation can be found in the country’s many pharmacies (try City Pharma in Paris for the best prices), which boast a wide selection of affordable skincare and beauty products that do not compromise on quality. Unlike the mass-marketed and often harsh drugstore products that prevail in United States, French skincare coddles the skin instead of stripping it.

Not all of us can fly across the pond every time we need a new tub of face cream nor have a friend who goes on monthly trips to Europe. But lucky for you, here’s a list of holy-grail French drugstore beauty products that you can find here in the US.

1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir, 3.4 fl oz, $49

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Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s famous elixir of youth, this all-natural toning mist that tightens pores, sets makeup, and leaves skin with a dewy, radiant finish. Spritz at the office for instant aromatherapy and to refresh your makeup. — available at Sephora, at Nordstrom, and at Blue Mercury

2. Homeoplasmine, 1.4 oz, $8.46

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Snoop around any French family’s medicine cabinet, and you’ll probably find this multi-purpose healing balm. But thanks to its matte finish once it dries, Homeoplasmine doubles as a lip primer. Paris Fashion Week’s best-kept secret. — available on Amazon and at Walmart

3. Melvita Nectar de Miels Salve, 1.4 oz, $20.00

France is big on honey. This organic skin salve nourishes and hydrates your lips, cuticles, elbow, and any stubborn dry patches. The three-honey blend helps accelerate healing and kill bacteria. — available on Amazon

4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Face Sunscreen SPF 60, 1.7 fl oz, $29.99 

This multi-award winning sunscreen offers advanced protection against UVA and UVB rays and free radicals. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, with matte finish. Anti-oxidants help visibly reduce the appearance of sun damage. — available on Amazon, La Roche Posay’s website, at Target, at Ulta, and at CVS

5. Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse OR, 3.3 fl oz, $54.00 

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A post shared by NUXEFrance (@nuxefrance) on Feb 12, 2019 at 12:59am PST

Nuxe’s classic all-around dry oil just got a shimmery upgrade. Packed with ingredients like Tsubaki, sweet-almond, Camellia, and Borage oil, this spray-on hydrates, nourishes, and softens, giving your skin a youthful appearance and an iridescent glow. — available on Amazon and at Costco

6. Savon de Marseille Extra Pur, 10 fl oz, $23.00


Per tradition, this artisanal liquid soap is made in a cauldron in Marseille and enriched with vegetables oil from Provence. Fragrance is sourced from the French fragrance capital, Grasse. Gently cleanses and looks great in the kitchen and bathrooms. — available online at Compagnie de Provence, on Amazon, at Nordstrom, and on the Savon de Marseille website

7. Avène Eau Thermale, 10.1 oz, $18.50


Bottled at the source of the spring in Avène, this soothing water spray is said to sell every 20 seconds. Moisturizes, reduces redness, and calms sunburned skin. Pro tip: store this in the fridge for that extra cooling sensation. — available on Avène’s website, on Amazon, at Walgreens, and at Blue Mercury

8. Talika Eye Therapy Patch Mask, 6 patches, $61.02 

Loved by Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields, Missy Elliott, Bill Murray(!), and the like, these nifty eye patches rejuvenate puffy eyes and erase any trace of fatigue in 15 minutes thanks to its active matrix of semi-solidified plant oils that gradually diffuses into the skin. — available on Amazon

9. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, 3.2 oz, $20.00

The oat milk in their formulation brings back volume to your hair and absorbs excess grease without irritating the scalp. Let’s face it: we don’t always have the time (or want to put in the effort) to do a full wash and blow out. — available at Ulta, at Sephora, on Klorane’s website, on Amazon, and at Blue Mercury

10. La Bouche Rouge Lipstick Refill, $37

One billion lipsticks are thrown out each year, so the Paris maison maquillage La Bouche Rouge is taking matters into their own hands. Their lipstick refills — unscented, vegan, and free of harmful ingredients like endocrine disruptors, allergens, polyethylene, and polymethyl methacrylate — fit snugly in their reusable leather case (sold separately). — available at Barneys and on La Bouche Rouge’s website

11. Bioderma H20 Micelle Solution, 16.7 fl oz, $14.15 

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A post shared by BIODERMA USA (@biodermausa) on Nov 7, 2018 at 6:00am PST

Because we just had to include this legendary makeup remover. Gentle on skin, tough on makeup and dirt. Micellar water like this one is really popular in Paris because of their notoriously hard water, which can be harsh on the skin. But the product has found a home outside of France and is part of the beauty routine of every discerning makeup lover. — available on Amazon and at Walmart

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