Where to Get Galette des Rois in Los Angeles 2020

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If there’s one tradition that makes it possible to start the year on a high note, it’s the epiphany (épiphanie). Epiphany is celebrated on Sunday, January 5. Here’s a list of Los Angeles locations to get a galette des rois, or king cake, this month.

In Pasadena, Frenchifornia is focusing on tradition. All January long, the pastry shop is offering a classic frangipane cake for 8 people ($48) or in individual size ($8). To be able to enjoy it like you would in France, the bakery will provide you with a paper crown and a fève to hide inside. — 247 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena.

At Pitchoun Bakery, they’re thinking big. The Souliès family offers three different galettes, available from January 2 to 31: the Parisienne (frangipane) for $32, the Chocolat (Valrhona chocolate frangipane) for $34, and the Provençale (a brioche crown with candied fruits and caramelized hazelnuts) for $30. Order it 48 hours in advance (and you can request they put the porcelain fève inside the frangipane). To take full advantage of the galette, Pitchoun offers delivery on Sunday, January 5 in four neighborhoods in the city (Tarzana, Los Feliz, Burbank, West LA). — 545 South Olive Street, Downtown Los Angeles; 8500 Beverly Blvd. – #103, Beverly Grove

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At Delice Bakery, the galette des rois is an institution for Jewish families. The galette is frangipane but also lactose-free, certified kosher. They do not put the fève in the cake. One galette serves 6-8 people ($26) or 10-12 people ($34). To enjoy it, order at least a day in advance. — 8583 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles

The galette will be gourmet and frangipane at La Tropézienne. It is prepared with French Isigny butter and vanilla syrup. You can enjoy it in an individual size ($6) or large size for 4 people ($24) or 10 people ($48). Don’t forget to ask for a fève inside! Order in advance by phone or in-store. — 757 S Main St, Downtown Los Angeles; 211 South La Brea Ave, La Brea; 8703 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood

At Michelina, the customer will find a frangipane galette made according to the traditional rules of the pastry-making, with puff pastry and almond filling. One galette will be enough for a dozen people ($55), which will be available in the boutique starting January 3. Vincent Benoliel’s bakery follows tradition to the T by providing you with the fève and the crown. — The Original farmer’s market, 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles.

Photo: Michelina

Over at the Grove side, Dominique Ansel likes to compare his frangipane galette to almond croissants, with a crispy, caramelized dough. It is available for 6-8 people ($42) in his shop at the Grove or in an individual size ($7). Each galette, which should be reheated in the oven to be best enjoyed, comes with a crown and fève. On sale from December 27 to January 19, they must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance to be picked up at the store. — 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles

You’ll feel like you’re in France when you bite into the galette des rois from Renaud’s Patisserie, which prepares frangipane in the traditional way with a buttered puff pastry dough. You will find the galette in two sizes: for 4-6 people ($19.95) or for 8-10 people ($25.95); both come with a porcelain bean. Available from January 6 to the end of the month, they can be ordered in the boutique or by phone from January 1. — 6255 East 2nd Street, Long Beach

Ladurée is of course offering a galette des rois. The French institution offers its customers a traditional frangipane cake from January 1 to 20 in its boutiques. You can buy an individual slice ($6.50), for 4 people ($28.50), for 6 people ($39.50), and for 8 ($52.50). — 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles; 311 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills

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