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The #metoo Movement in France is Gaining Momentum

Sexual harassment is a big issue in France right now. But it could soon be illegal.

Steinem and Taubira Talk Feminism at Festival Albertine

In their annual series of conferences, Festival Albertine puts feminism at the forefront.

Dior’s New “Feminist” Style

Christian Dior says goodbye to high heels and hello to comfortable fashion.

What French Feminists Know that American Feminists Don’t

The real difference between French and American feminism boils down to this…but which one is more effective? You be the judge.

Mettez du rouge, a French Feminist Movement

The French initiative to support victim's of sexual assault, and bring men into the conversation.

Day After Women’s March, Politicians March Against Abortion Rights

Just a day after thousands marched in Paris for women's rights, anti-abortion protestors held a march.

Paris Joins In Worldwide Women’s March

Several thousand women marched in Paris on Saturday as part of the worldwide Women's March movement.

Career Woman in France? Think Again.

For working women in France, "ambition" is a dirty word.

WATCH: France’s First Female Boxer at the Olympics

World champion boxer Sarah Ourahmoune is headed to Rio to represent France.

WATCH: Feminism 101 with Simone de Beauvoir

60 years after the publication of The Second Sex by formidable French feminist Simone de Beauvoir, and plus ça change... French feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir...
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