The Worst Of Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Yesterday marked the end of this year’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week for January. A lot of great fashions were foisted upon the catwalk. Just kidding, everything was pretty much unwearable. Here’s a sampling of why Oscar Wilde said that “fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

Raf Simons decided that this year’s trend in men’s fashion would be Fat Sherlock Holmes:



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Imagine if a wizard shrunk Benedict Cumberbatch but his clothes stayed the same size!

Here Stark magazine finds a man inspired by The Force Awakens to revisit the style so popular among young Rebels on the ice planet Hoth:

Paris Fashion Week “Street Style” #streetstyle #parismensfashionweek #menofstyle

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Berluti takes the fashion sense of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and marries it with the warmth of wearing a cardigan made of scarves. But without enough sock coverage to truly keep the modern male warm in a changing climate:

They say the 90s are back, and Hermes agrees, bringing Bullet Bill back in tote bag form, the irascible villain of many a Mario Brothers game:

Who else is obsessed with this @hermes Bolide Relax Shark bag in Barenia calfskin?

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Dries Van Noten, the noted… nope, this is completely inscrutable:

Dior knows that any conventions about the fit of menswear go right out the window when the fabric used is Fruit Rollups:

Berluti knows that there’s more than one way to dress like The Joker:

They also offer a hybrid of the Joker and Riddler costumes:

Gosha Rubchinskiy also brought the 90s back—specifically 1990 Soviet Russia:


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Well put, Oscar! That reminds us, the next Men’s Fashion Week in Paris is in six months.