Working Class Voters on the French Election

The first round of the presidential election is just days away, and the nationalist far-right Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National, is hoping to gain the support of major cities, including the port city of Marseille.

Marginalized communities within the city may not like Le Pen’s policies, but they feel they have been left out of the political discussion. As a result, they are feeling apathetic about the upcoming election.

Voting awareness activists within the banlieue are working hard now to encourage their community members to get out and vote, even if they feel like none of the candidates have their best interests in mind. To the activists, it’s important for them to defeat the anti-immigrant, xenophobic Front National.

Our future is at stake. We are lucky enough to be able to change our country so we want to seize that chance,” said activist Razia Mohamed Zaki.

The first round of voting happens on April 23. Hear what these voters have to say in the video above.