With French bee, favor comfort for your next long distance flight (and your budget)

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[Sponsored article] French bee is France’s first long-haul “à la carte” travel company. Traveling with French bee means the assurance of a trip adapted to any budget. Many options allow you to compose your trip according to your desires, and to fly to your favorite destinations aboard new, comfortable planes in which you will not feel like you are even flying.

Two travel classes

French bee offers two different classes to fit your budget and allow you to compose your trip according to your desires.

On one hand, there is the ECO class, which offers two price choices: BASIC and SMART, for those who want to have a choice of almost everything.

On the other hand, there is an ECO PREMIUM class for maximum service and attention.

Discover the classes and prices in detail.

Travel with French bee from New York (Newark International)

Offering flights to the USA (San Francisco) and French Polynesia since 2018, French bee is expanding its offers by offering flights to Paris from Newark International airport starting this summer.

? One way from NYC to Paris Orly from $139 incl.

Your comfort is a priority

Exclusively made up of Airbus A-350-900s,  French bee’s fleet of new aircraft at the cutting edge of aeronautical technology allows you to travel in conditions of optimum comfort.

Specially designed for long distance flights, the A350 cabin is the quietest on the market with noise reduction divided by 4 compared to a previous generation aircraft. A notable difference which, coupled with a 100% LED light that adapts to the different phases of flight, promises a comfortable travel atmosphere in all circumstances.

A high ceiling height as well as larger portholes increase the perception of cabin space.

Finally, the air is filtered and renewed every 3 minutes, and the cabin pressurization is lower compared to a previous generation aircraft, thus ensuring better overall comfort. With French bee, you travel with the greatest respect for health protocols required by the authorities.

To discover in detail all the advantages of the Airbus A-350 900, visit the virtual cabin of the aircraft.

A wide range of entertainment 

Comfort on board also comes from the entertainment equipment available. With HD screens and a wide choice of VODs, and wifi available on all French bee’s devices, there are endless entertainment options !

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