What It’s Like to Be a Mechanic at the Tour de France

While it would be cool to imagine that the Tour de France bike racers take on the challenge of biking across France all on their own, the truth is that it takes a village to help the bikers succeed.

Part of winning the race is having an amazing team of mechanics to help keep the riders’ bikes in tip-top shape, so there aren’t any mishaps or accidents along the way. So no pressure to the mechanics…

But they take it in stride. Every day looks different for a mechanic on the Tour de France. The job is a lot more than just changing tires and putting on new bike chains. The mechanics follow the racers in vans and have to keep focused and in communication with the bikers and the team via radio.

Learn more about the exciting (and slightly stressful) life of a bike mechanic on the Tour de France in the video above.