What It’s Like To Stay at Paris’ Ritziest Hotel

Many of us fantasize about what it would be like to stay somewhere like the Ritz Paris, where the views are stunning, the ceilings mile-high, and the prices exorbitant.

But while the rest of us are dreaming, vlogger Emma Miller is living that life—at least for the next few days. While she settles into Paris, Miller takes us on a tour of her absolutely unbelievable room in the Imperial Suite at the Ritz Paris, which comes at a whopping $22,000 per night! It’s like watching Eloise all grown up and trying to figure out which of her 18 shower heads sprays perfume instead of water. (For those who, much like Eloise, have no patience, Emma arrives at the Ritz at 5:30 in the video.)


A trip to the bar downstairs, affectionately known as Bar Hemingway, reveals some interesting history behind the hotel. In 1944, when Nazis occupied several floors of the Ritz, Hemingway came to “liberate the hotel” armed with a machine gun and a dozen Resistance fighters. Accounts allege that in the process, he managed to run up a bar tab of 51 dry martinis—quite a feat to accomplish in the same day as a grand-scale liberation effort.