What it’s Like to Date a French Woman

They’re beautiful. They’re stylish. They’re effortless. Well, unless one becomes your girlfriend.

This video about dating les françaises by Dating Beyond Borders pokes fun at stereotypes about French women, while also giving some very key advice about how to approach a romantic encounter with one of them. In this short, the lucky foreigner is a waiter fresh out of Montreal who can’t seem to figure out why it is that he keeps screwing up with his new petite copine. The poor Québeçois, just French enough to minimize the language barrier, but not enough to understand the very real cultural differences everyone notices when dating a French girl for the first time.


Some important pointers include: be prepared for your first date to be a group date, if she says “interesting” she probably means “terrible,” and, most crucial of all, there is no “dating around” like there is in the U.S. If you’ve kissed, you are taken, boyfriended, spoken for. End of conversation.

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