What It Takes to Put On a Fashion Show

“The ability of using a lot of creative resources, of doing so many so fast, sometimes is super frustrating. But at other times, most times, it’s exciting, because you get to touch many topics.”

For Alexandre de Betak, a fashion show isn’t just about the fashion. The lighting, the scenery, the music, and so many other production elements need to add up to make something greater than the sum of its sequins. The French designer got his start producing shows for Victoria’s Secret, but has moved into other realms including furniture design for Domeau & Perez. In this video with Vogue Paris, de Betak talks the trials and tribulations of putting together large-scale fashion shows, what he looks for in people he works with, and what attracted him to fashion in the first place.


For some final products (just to give you an idea of the scale de Betak is talking about), you only have to look at some recent Paris Fashion Week shows to understand why there’s a lot more to fashion than just the clothes.