What It Takes For An Expat To Get Married In France

If you’ve ever dated a Frenchman, you may have entertained the idea of running off to France to get married in a beautiful chateau, lock down your French citizenship, and go on to have beautiful bilingual babies.

Spoiler alert: it’s not quite that easy. New Zealand expat and vlogger Rosie of Not Even French uses this video to explain the ins and outs of getting married in France, particularly those details that apply to foreigners. Like the fact that, unfortunately, you don’t get to sign the marriage license and poof, become instantly French. There’s a lot of bureaucracy involved, and your wedding needs to be timed perfectly so that you have time to schedule your marriage interview, get all of your documents translated by an authorized translator, and decide whether or not you want to do things like exchange rings and have your parents give speeches during the ceremony.


So if you’re thinking of trying to live out that permanent expat life, or are just a little curious, check this video out. And if you want to know a little more about what it’s like to actually date a Frenchman, check out another one of Not Even French’s videos here.