What is the Cost of Living in Paris vs. USA?

Paris is widely assumed to be an expensive city to visit or live in, because it’s associated with high fashion, luxury goods, and culinary extravagance. But does it really live up to this reputation?

Not so much, according to expat vlogger Tiffanie Davis, who debunks the myth of the high French cost of living in this video. Tiff breaks down her monthly budget, from what she pays to live in one of Paris’s more affordable neighborhoods (including the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 18th arrondissements), her utilities breakdown (the cost of internet may shock you), and the price of a monthly metro card. She then goes into her shopping and eating habits, comparing her monthly grocery bill to what she spends at mid-priced restaurants and food delivery (with some French alternatives to Seamless).


All in all, the total cost of living comes out to much less than it might if you’re living in some of the larger US cities like New York or LA… especially when you factor in that sweet, sweet government subsidized healthcare.