What a Few Days in Paris Looks Like for a Jet-setting Vlogger

You’ve probably been to Paris by now. Maybe you studied abroad, maybe you backpacked that summer after graduation. You probably stayed in a dorm with a toilet in the hall or a hostel room with eight other people. And you were happy, no — thrilled, with your trip.

Get prepared for some major trip envy. Follow lifestyle and travel vlogger Laura Reid for six days as she traipses around Paris on an impulse trip (can you imagine?) with her best friend Meagan. And it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed about your perfect Paris Fashion Week trip. A run in with some PFW models by the Louvre, a shopping splurge at Saint Laurent, and a whole lot of food (not to mention an inordinate amount of cappuccinos). And if you weren’t already bemoaning your bank account and all your life choices, perhaps the shots of Laura and Meagan strolling hand in hand bestie-style through tiny cobblestoned streets in six-inch heels will do it for you.


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