[Webinar] The benefits of bilingualism: how multilingualism sets up students for life

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In a continuously globalizing world, being bilingual gives students the opportunity to advance and adapt to their increasingly international environments.

Studies show that bilingual people not only benefit from their skill to speak an additional language in their education and future careers, but that it also further promotes their health and life-experiences in general, adding cognitive, social-emotional, and cultural benefits to the long list of assets of a bilingual education.

As an international curriculum, the International Baccalaureate actively promotes language learning in order to prepare students for a life in an interconnected world.

On Monday, July 6th 2020, join our webinar to discuss the benefits of bilingualism with 3 special guests from Lycée Winston Churchill in London and the French American School of New York :

Mireille Rabaté

Head of School at Lycée International Winston Churchill

Mireille Rabaté’s career has been an international one from the start. She began her career as a French lecturer at Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA and then continued at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her international experience in pedagogical innovation greatly influenced her career during the following twenty years as Head of schools in France and the USA. As part of this very forward-thinking senior leadership team, Mireille played a major role in the setting up of innovative educational projects and new teaching methods such as e-learning. Mireille successfully implemented the use of tablets in the classroom as well as the use of special teaching spaces that encourage student creativity.

Maaike Kaandorp

IBDP Coordinator / History and ToK teacher at Lycée International Winston Churchill 

Maaike started her career in international education in her home country, The Netherlands. In order to further understand the joys and challenges of living abroad of her international students she decided to move abroad to experience these for herself and has since worked at various international schools in both the UK and the US as a History, Geography and Theory of Knowledge teacher, a Model United Nations coordinator and as a Diploma Programme Coordinator.

As a Dutch national she has been exposed to the languages of neighbouring countries from a young age and she is thoroughly enjoying further improving her French as a fourth language at the Lycée International Winston Churchill.

Tom Faure

Dean of Students / OIB English Teacher at FASNY, the French American School of New York

Tom Faure is High School Dean of Students at the French-American School of New York, where he has taught English for 11 years. As a child he attended bilingual schools in Tokyo, London, and New York, passing the French Bac before attending Columbia University. Five years ago, FASNY added the IB to its French-American programs, further opening its doors to students from around the world.

You will be able to talk to them and ask them questions during the webinar.

You can also send your questions prior to the webinar using this email address : [email protected]

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