[Video] How to learn French by watching TV shows & movies

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Lingopie experts will show you the way to learn a French native conversational language through culture and context, just by watching TV.

Get ready to:

– Travel through France, its diverse landscapes and adventurous getaways
– Learn about the French cultural heritage, monuments and gastronomy
– Get to know the French! Their personality, sense of humour, mentality
All that, as seen and heard (literally) in great French TV shows and movies.

Lingopie language experts will walk you through that journey, adding some linguistic perspective, context understanding and showing you the most entertaining way to learn the French language.

The replay is now available above or on our YouTube channel.

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Contact Lingopie

Deborah Ottolenghi
? [email protected]

I’m Deborah and I’m the community manager of Lingopie. I am originally Italian but I am a polyglot myself and I speak 5 languages fluently. I love being part of the Lingopie family because this product represents me 100%. The secret to learning a new language is immersing yourself in its culture. I love to converse with new people and learn new points of view. Join our community to learn more about the language you are learning and the world. I am looking forward to meeting you and having a good chat!

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