Watch This Mesmerizing Video of Croissants Being Made

Warning: you will want to make croissants after you watch this video.

Tasty went to Orwashers, which has been serving New Yorkers breads, pastries and other bakery goodies since 1916, to see how they make croissants. The bakery, which was a finalist in the 2018 Best Croissant competition, is under the direction of Keith Cohen, and the croissant operation is run by “croissant master” Youssouf Katari.


As Katari goes through the motions of making croissants, the process narrated by Cohen, don’t be surprised if you eyes glaze over and saliva gathers in your mouth — it’s a mouthwatering process that you can’t look away from.

If you want to make croissants, check out this video that’ll walk you through the steps.