Watch this Beautiful Video of The Strasbourg Christmas Markets

Like its German name, the French town of Strasbourg is home to a lot of German traditions, particularly the Christmas markets reborn in France as the marchés de Noël.

The Alsatian town is home to the most famous Christmas market in all of France, but only two weeks ago a violent terrorist attack turned Christmas cheer into panic and chaos. But since the market’s reopening December 14 (under a lot of new security measures), Strasbourg has been in recovery, and this beautiful video by Mennucci Christiano proves that sometimes, the Christmas spirit is stronger than anything else the world can throw at you.


Walk with Christiano through the historic streets of Strasbourg, whose bright market is tucked alongside winding cobblestone streets, Gothic churches, and the Rhine river. Take in the bright, spinning ornaments, the orange-infused vin chaud, and a menagerie of Christmas lights that will have your inner child waiting up for Santa, armed with nothing but milk and cookies.