WATCH: Ride with Team Tinkoff on the Tour de France

A person riding on the back of a bicycle

The Tour de France is in its final stages and everyone is watching to see who will be the next champion.

In between riding up mountains in Switzerland, the Tour de France racers took a rest day in the shadow of Mont Blanc. But a rest day for riders of the Tour de France doesn’t just mean lying in bed and watching TV. To keep their bodies prepared for the upcoming parts of the race, riders have to do rest day bike rides.

“We know that the next days that are coming will be pretty hard, so you can’t relax too much,” said rider Roman Kreuziger. “It’s better to keep the tightness of the body to prepare for the next days.”

But for racers in the Tour de France, an hour long ride in the Alps is not a big deal. In fact, add in a nice lake view and a stop at a cafe and you’ve got the perfect day.

Go along on a rest day bike ride with the Tour de France’s Tinkoff team, including riders Peter Sagan and Oleg Tinkov, to learn about what they do to encourage each other and relax on their rest day:


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