WATCH: “Post Natural History” by Vincent Fournier

A man standing in a dark room

French art photographer Vincent Fournier is known for envisioning the future in the every day.

In his series “Post Natural History,” Fournier tries to show the connection between nature and technology. Fournier takes natural organisms, such as flowers or animals and demonstrates how interconnected they are with technology, using synthetic biology and cybernetics.

The highlight of his exhibit is called “The Unbreakable Heart,” a heart made out of gold.

“After technology being an extension of the body, it is now inside the body,” said Fournier about “The Unbreakable Heart.”

Some art reviewers think Fournier’s bioart is showing a trend in art that could be a modern version of surrealism. While surrealists liked to bend reality, showing melting clocks and altered industrial landscapes, bioart is doing the same thing with newer technology, bending biology and engineering to create dream-like works of art that seem impossible and yet entirely probable at the same time.

Check out some of Fournier’s “Post Natural History” art work to see what you think:


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