Watch French Comedian Gad Elmaleh Translate Emojis

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Some things in life are taken better with a dose of good, French humor.

Like, for example, emojis. Those small, colorful little symbols that could mean so many different things when sent in a text. Should they be taken literally? Metaphorically? Or just ignored altogether?

Luckily, we have French comedian Gad Elmaleh to help us understand the complicated world of emojis with a little humor. Like the peach emoji, which Elmaleh oh-so-helpfully explains means that the sender of said emoji either really likes fruit, or really likes you. So, that really clears things up.

Even for someone as funny as Gad Elmaleh, emojis are sometimes still beyond explanation.

“Maybe I’m getting too old but I don’t get the new emojis really,” said Elmaleh. “I wrote to this girl, ‘What about a drink tomorrow night after my show?’ She responded, ‘Why not? ????????????????????✈️????????????????.’”

Watch the video to see Gad Elmaleh’s hilarious emoji response:


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