WATCH: Decoding French Gestures With French Model Aymeline Valade

A woman looking at the camera

With her long symmetrical face and pouty lips, there’s no mistaking Aymeline Valade for anything but a quintessential French model. She’s gorgeous, yet casual, stylish but easy-going. What could be more French?

But what really makes Valade truly French has nothing to do with her impeccable style or looks. Instead, it’s all in the gestures.

If you’re heading to France this summer, learn how to blend right in with the locals by studying French gestures. Even if you don’t have French language skills, you will still know how to show that you’re bored, don’t care, or think something is crazy, simply by the face you make.

I’m not sure I can see myself making any of these gestures in real life, but it’s still fun to start noticing the gestures that French people make and how they are different from the ones that Americans make.

I think my favorite is the “so over it” gesture. Where has that been all my life?  Watch the video:


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